2016-10-17 07:05:00 +0200
Open Beta is live

We invite players from all over the world to embark on a journey to the land of Simuria. The gates are now open and we welcome everyone to register and play as mighty Legionary, fearsome Mage, unshakable Monk or dignified Priest of Fiery God.

Open Beta is live now. We present to you but a part of the final game. Additional releases will follow next months. Currently we are rolling out 4 character professions with a level capped at 10 together with 10 levels of PvE encounters, lots of items and monsters.

We are awaiting your comments on our forums and facebook profile. Tell us what you think and ask us anything related to the game. Have fun and we hope to see you in the lands of Simuria!

2016-07-01 00:00:00 +0200
Welcome to Heroes of Simuria!

In Heroes of Simuria you take on a role of an adventurer living in a land thriving with mysterious places, dangerous monsters and precious treasures. Travel around the world to uncover its story. Fight unique enemies to acquire rare equipment. Level up your character to gain new skills and learn to efficiently use them to dispatch even more demanding foes. Join groups of players to face the most powerful of opponents. Defeat other human players to conquer leaderboards and get items of outstanding power. Learn tactical nuances and coordinate your actions with your teammates. Journey to the land of Simuria with your real life friends or meet new people and form new alliances.

Heroes of Simuria is a multiplayer role playing game with persistent world playable in your internet browser. In the center of the game is its turn based combat system with asymmetric character professions. The game offers an engaging story driven character progression, numerous encounters of increasing difficulty and quick player vs player league matches. The game supports both single and multiplayer gameplay. Character skills are designed with asymmetry in mind to give a unique feel for every profession. AI-controlled opponents differ substantially and most difficult ones will not be defeated without fairly complex strategies and serious player coordination.

The game is designed to support players who can only invest small chunks of their precious time as well as those who will play for several hours straight. Ever wanted to play a serious RPG game, but just couldn't invest enough time for it to happen? Heroes of Simuria delivers that. Or are you looking for a game that will be both challenging and rewarding? We've got that. Prefer to roam around on your own? Single player is very well supported. Or do you think that multiplayer is where all the fun comes from? Have it your way in Heroes of Simuria.