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Forum and chat rules

The following rules apply to posting on Heroes of Simuria forums and to posting in Heroes of Simuria in-game chat, including private messages.

General rules

  1. Every user is allowed to create and use only one Heroes of Simuria account.
  2. A user is responsible for any activity created with their account.
  3. A general rule of this forum and in-game chat is to respect others and treat them the way you would like them to treat you. Keep your posts civil and polite.
  4. The forum and chat language is English.
  5. Choose a suitable and clear subject for your thread.
  6. Keep all posts on-topic.


Choose the relevant subforum for your post. The following is a list of all subforums with their purpose:
* News - this forum is for news and announcements posted by Heroes of Simuria staff. You are free to post comments.
* General - this forum is for anything game related that is not addressed by other forums.
* Support - technical issues and bug reports.


The following are not allowed in Heroes of Simuria forum and chat:
* Spam
* Harassment, abuse, flaming, insulting and discrimination
* Race, religion, political beliefs, etc.
* Sexually explicit content
* Content that is considered illegal by law
* Medical advice
* Advertisements
* Copyright-infringing material
* Shouting (eg using only capital letters)
* Trolling
* Images larger than 640x480
* Sharing account login information with third parties

Breaking any of the rules mentioned here may result in a penalty ranging from a warning to an account ban.
The administrator of this forum reserves the right to edit and/or remove any content posted by its users.