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Imperial Legionary

Legionaries are world's most elite soldiers. Formed ages ago by the first emperor, those fierce warriors have since been the most loyal of Empire's combat arms. Today they are one of the most prominent symbols of the Empire, arousing fear in the hearts of its enemies and making minor monarchs jealous.


Typical legionary employs melee combat techniques, wears the heaviest of all armors and wields nearly anything from short one handed swords to heavy two handed axes and monstrous maces.


When fighting legionary is capable of dealing extreme amounts of damage, but he also can support his allies in maintaining proper combat formation and tactical advantage, as well as protect them with his own body locked up in heavy armor.


With each attack legionary generates more and more ferocity. Basic skills require no ferocity, but some of the more powerful ones will require certain amounts of ferocity to be consumed.


Main statistics for legionaries are Strength (str) and Agility (agi). Strength increases damage (dmg) and Critical Hit Chance (chc). Agility increases Initiative (ini).

Signature skills

The single most powerful attack employed by legionaries is called Crushing Blow. With unimaginable impetus the weapon of the soldier is smashed at its foe generating a devastating force breaking armors and crushing bones. Legionaries are famous for their awesome fitness and all those muscles are not just for show. There is some real strength in there and they know how to use it.

Not only they are trained in mortal combat arts. On top of that comes impressive tactical knowledge and experience. Legionaries are very competent when it comes to fighting in an organized group. The basic unit of legionaries consists of 8 men and is called octuria. Every soldier in an octuria is able to foresee the steps and moves of other soldiers and therefore all of them will move and fight as one cohesive entity. This ability is very powerful and often briliant moves resulting from empoying it are called Clever Maneuvers.

Apart from aggressive and powerful attacks empowered with skillful tactical decisions, legionaries are also able to act defensively if need be. They dedicate lots of time during their training to the use of a shield in combat. It proves to be an astonishing tool in the hands of a skillful soldier. The most talented of the legionaries gain the ability to use a shield with such efficiency that it seems almost impossible to wound them. This extraordinary skill is also known as Shield Barricade and it is feared by most of the armies of the world.