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Priest of Fiery God

Fiery God has always been the dominant diety in the Empire. His priests have successfully created a centralized and well governed religious organization, The Cult of Fiery God. The head of the cult is The Fiery Conclave and its influence in the Empire runs deep. The cult keeps actively recruiting promising followers of which few are talented enough to wear the red stole.


Blessed by their god with exceptional control over the element of fire, they empower their spells with all sorts of magic weapons: swords, maces and staves. Typically for magic users they only wear cloth armors.


Priests of Fiery God are magic wielding fighters. The Fiery Conclave claims that the main objective of their training is to be able to cure the sick, but their healing powers turn out to be amazing when used on the battlefield or during a brawl. Despite the peaceful declarations of the conclave, Priests of Fiery God are also formidable fighters.


They rely on their mana reserves, starting each encounter full of mana, but during longer fights they have to depend on mana regeneration and preservation.


Main statistics for priests are Willipower (will) and Intelligence (int). Willpower increases damage (dmg), skills' costs, and Critical Hit Chance (chc). Intelligence increases Initiative (ini), Mana Points (mp or mana) and mana regeneration.

Signature skills

It is said that if there is a single most painful way to die then it is by Ignition Bomb. Mastered by a skillful priest this powerful spell is a feat that is not to be ignored by any enemy. Using this devastating attack requires some preparation but the final effect is worth the trouble. To be able to dish out this spell the priest has to initially scorch the enemy. This creates enough energy to be able to focus and compress it to a degree that it literally explodes.

But then there is also the Hell's Fire. Deadly as it sounds. The more experienced Priests of Fiery God learn to accumulate so much energy in the summoned flames that the temperature raises to a level that makes most of metal armors created in Veronia melt within a matter of seconds. Let alone the living bodies stuck inside of them.

But the fire not only consumes. It will also purge. And so does the Flame of Restoration. Of many healing spells that are in the arsenal of a priest, this one certainly is the most potent. There are stories about some extreme cases when the spell was used on soldiers within an inch of death. The flames would engulf the body of the wounded one and bring life back to him. Instantaneously the flames would cover the whole body, healing the flesh and mending the bones. Then in a blink of an eye the fire is gone and the soldier is sound again. Indeed, solemn is the power of Fiery God.