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Mage of Arcane Circle

Since ancient times mages have walked the lands of Simuria. Those few men who were gifted with the skill to affect the element of arcane or cold could become very powerful if they had enough determination to master the art of controlling those elements with their own mind. Mages from primeval legends were often exceptional individuals around which often gathered groups of followers. Nowadays mages are much more coordinated. The greatest of all mage organizations is The Arcane Circle and its influence runs from Imperial Palace in the West to the thrones of Iron Kings of Skagar in the East.


Mages control the elements of arcane and cold and they prefer to stay on the back of the group to utilize their ranged spells. They use one handed swords, wands and staves and only wear cloth armors.


The main role of mages on the battlefield is to deal huge amounts of damage. Furthermore, they can adapt the element that are using to the current enemy and situtation on the battlefield.


They rely on their mana reserves, starting each encounter full of mana, but during longer fights they have to depend on mana regeneration and preservation.


Main statistic for mages is Intelligence (int). Intelligence increases damage (dmg), Critical Hit Chance (chc), Initiative (ini), Mana Points (mp or mana) and mana regeneration. Additionally Intelligence increases skills' costs.

Signature skills

Arcane Explosion is the most potent arcane spell employed by mages. Arcane is an element that can be found nearly anywhere, in the ground, in the air, in the bodies of men and animals. With an element that is so widespread it is possible for a skilled mage to violently destabilize the structure of large amounts of matter and in effect cause huge explosion equally effective in damaging living things and destroying armors or buildings.

When fighting a mage one might at first seem to experience something like chills running down the spine. It is the first warning that the most terrifying spell in mage's arsenal has been cast. It starts with nothing spectacular but after a second or two the chills change into burning pain radiating from the spine. The body feels heat but in fact it is just a confused reaction to the extreme cold that emanates from within it. Soon the target of Deep Freeze gets covered with rime as it's temperature quickly falls down and it's life flows away.

The famous magic hail. In addition to being a deadly weapon it is also a surprisingly realistic reproduction of known weather anomaly. The main adventage of hail is its area of effect. It will cover large region and deal damage to many targets which proves useful in many combat situations.