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Aisurian Monk

Among the nomadic people of Aisur it is believed that good and evil are things that should be avoided. Evil deeds bring pain and misery, while good deeds only warrant the evil by defining its opposite. Coping with this state of the world requires a lot of thought and among the barbarians of Aisur there were people who devoted their whole lives to debate and meditate to understand these mysteries. Ages ago they left their tribes and settled high in the mountains of Aisur to seek the answers to the greatest questions of life. After Aisur was conquered by the Empire the monks began travelling outside of Aisur to learn about the world but also to preach the truths they believed.


Traditional weapons of Monks are staves and two-handed swords. They wear cloth and leather. When forced to fight they are formidable melee opponents.


Both the healing and melee techniques of Monks are based upon their beliefs in balance and neutral karma. Therefore when they fight or heal they are trying to achieve perfect balance by directing their actions against both targets that have good karma and those with bad karma as well. A monk on the battlefield wages war against his enemies but at the same time he also wages another war, one that is even more important. A war to achieve the balance in the world.


Monks are determined to keep the world in balance. They become less effective when they are far from being balanced. This is signaled by an effect called Unbalanced which causes the monk to deal 15% less damage and heal 15% less hit points. The effect will appear when the monk has more than 5 good karma points or more than 5 bad karma points.
Monks start each combat in balance which means they have no good or bad karma points. All attacks and healing will grant a monk either good or bad karma points which will in turn push the monk off balance. To stay in balance the Monk has to balance the amount of good and bad karma points gained.
Dealing damage will generate bad karma points. Healing will generate good karma points. This will reverse if the target of monk's attacks or healing itself has bad karma. Monks can detect bad karma on other combatants using two skills - Karmic Insight and Valuation of Character. Those skills will generate Bad Karma effect on target combatants.
Dealing damage to a target with Bad Karma effect will generate good karma points (eredicating evil grants good karma). Healing targets with Bad Karma will generate bad karma points (supporting evil grants bad karma).


Main statistics for monks are Willpower (will) and Agility (agi). Willpower increases damage (dmg). Agility increases Critical Hit Chance (chc) and Initiative (ini).

Signature skills

There are legends about the reflexes of the most experienced Monks. One of the most fabled attacks they employ is called Sudden Blow. And it is sudden. Blink of an eye sudden. And inversely devastating.

Even more legendary is another move called Fist, Foot, Forehead. Limbs and other body parts collide suddenly and sorely. It's lightning fast and overwhelmingly painful.

But to preserve balance Monks will also heal. And it's equally spectacular. It's called Peaceful Influence and it's one strong healing technique. Using this skill any well-trained Monk is able to bring someone from close to death situation to a stable condition.